Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Happy Happy; Joy Joy Joy

The last week or so has been a crazy whirlwind of birthday related fun - there was cake:

Orange Cake, Whipped Cream, & a Mixed Berry/Nectarine filling with Orange, Vanilla, & Ginger.  The fruit makes it healthy!!

And more cake:

Coconut Cake, courtesy of Whole Foods.

And raspberry chocolate tart from Coney Island Bar:

It was very yummy.  Which is why I forgot to take a picture until it was almost all gone.

 And complimentary mixed-berry cheesecake from Western Village Steakhouse:

Which, after our very excellent dinner, we were only able to take 2 bites from.

And chocolate eclairs.  And banana cream pie (no, of course I didn't eat anything banana flavored, that was for the Adorable Roomie).  And ice cream.  There was also Chilean sea bass with brown butter, herb crusted lamb chops, garlic mashed potatoes, escargot, bacon wrapped scallops, general's chicken, pulled pork, pad thai, pork sirloin with homemade sage gnocchi, ceasar salads (the good stinky kind, full of raw eggs and anchovies), wild mushroom pizza, duck confit hash, potato soup, eggs benedict, wine soaked oxtails, five spice calamari, shu mai dumplings with shrimp, szechuan lamb, risotto alla milanese (you'll be seeing a recipe soon for this one), grilled portobello mushies ....

Not to mention a whole lot of these:

Because a birthday celebration would hardly be complete with out a libation.  Or two.  Or twelve.

Between work friends and family and other friends, and regular everyday cooking, and a few gift cards to very nice restaurants, and a day trip to Truckee, it's safe to say that we may have overdone it slightly, in terms of caloric intake.  Thank God for Tums and Pepto.

It was, really, kind of fantastic.  Exhausting after nine days, but fantastic.  I got to hear from people I don't hear from very often (which reminds me, I still owe a few folks a phone call), there were presents, I got to dress up; all in all, a great way to kick off my own personal new year.  

I've also been reminded just how lucky I am that I have so many people all interesting in celebrating my birthday.  Because really, in the cosmic scheme of things, I'm pretty much a nobody.  Reminders are good.  Reminders keep us from taking things for granted.

Now back to the grind!  And just never you mind if my jeans are fitting a little tight this week.

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