Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pizza Pizza!!

For dinner tonight, I force fed Red Beard a pizza.  A wonderfully yummy, beautifully crusted pizza, half Blind Hawaiian with bell peppers and half pepperoni pizza from one my absolute favorite pizzerias in the Biggest Little City - The Blind Onion.  Seriously, one of the few (very few) things about having to live in Horrible Sparks that is a "pro" is being thisclose to the Blind Onion in Victorian Square.  

In my defense, I cooked all sorts of homemade fantastic cheesy delights  this last weekend.  But work kicked my ass yesterday and today and my brain is now mush.  If  I tried to chop an onion I'd probably lose a finger.  

Last night, my wonderful mom came to Red Beard's rescue and had us up for buffalo steaks with roasty potatoes and wine-soaked drunken mushrooms (thank God, or else he'd have had to made do with ramen noodles and stale Doritos).  

Tonight, PIZZA TIME!  Which happens to coincide with... COCKTAIL TIME! Orange juice is healthy, right, even with the vodka in it?

I'm sure there are plenty of folks in Sparks who would love to know why I find it horrible over here in the north east section of our valley, but I'm in my happy place and I don't feel like dredging it up.  Suffice it to say, Sparks has some major bad juju for me.  Yes, I use words like "juju".

I also have this curled up against the back of my neck while I sit on the couch:

Wonder Kitten to the rescue!
So much nicer than slaving over a hot stove.  Fireplace, kitten, pizza, cocktail, Red Beard, and a fluffy blanket.  Best way ever to wind down after a craperrific work day.

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