Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy New Year (sort of)!

Here it is, January 17, 2012.  Sure, I meant to start this a little sooner, like, say, January FIRST, but what can I say, I'm a procrastinator. 

I wasn't sure, at first, if blogging was for me.  I like reading other people's blogs, and I don't mind writing, but it seems like a lot of responsibility - it's letting strangers into your life.  But where food is concerned, it seems like sharing is just right and good and proper - it's FOOD!  More food = less hangry people.  Hangry people are mean (I live and am related to several). 

Instead, let's eat, drink, and be merry!

To start off, a things to keep in mind:
  • Food isn't rocket science - in many cases there are many ways to do things.  That being said, I tend to double-check my food facts pretty well before I get all bossy about how things should be done.  And in addition, I've done all of this enough times to know what works.  Food information, I can usually be trusted.  However .... (see below) 
  • I'm really opinionated; and sometimes my non-food opinions aren't all that well-researched and informed.  Agree or disagree, that's all great.  I can take it.  Just don't get personal and don't go on full attack.
  • I cook a lot.  Sometimes if works, sometimes it doesn't, I'm going to talk about all of it.  I love food (as the size of my 501's will attest to); eating food, talking about food, cooking food, planning on cooking food, reading about food ... even the blogs I like are centered around food.  
  • We also eat take-out a lot.  I have a 90+ year old granny that I take care of, a full time job, Red Beard (more on him in time), multiple pets, etc etc.  Cooking every night isn't going to happen.
  • Speaking of pets, I'm barely three steps away from being a crazy cat lady.  I have a cat, a dog, and a parrot, plus I have partial custody of another cat and a dog, and I have numerous fairy godpets.  When we aren't talking about food, we'll probably be talking about the furry kids.
  • The only thing saving me from actually becoming a crazy cat lady, with a lifetime membership to the kitten of the month club, is Red Beard.  He's awesome and wonderful and I love him a lot.  He's also super cute.  He makes me spaghetti and pancakes and surprises me with bottle of Three Olives Vodka.  He'll be coming up a lot too.  Is it weird I mentioned the pets before I talked about the love of my life?
  • I mention cocktails pretty often, and cook with a lot of booze (and bacon and cheese too).  I'm no where near checking into the Betty, I'm just Irish.  We're a very intemperate race. 
  • While we're on the subject, I'm also Italian.  My Italian side cooks better.  My Irish side is more fun!  
Be prepared for recipes, home improvement projects, movie reviews, diatribes over the latest episode of Chopped or Top Chef, bitching and moaning about my constant battle to fit into my jeans properly, pet stories, adventures with the kiddos (I have 16 nieces & nephews by marriage, plus 3 nieces of my own), and just how damn lucky I am that Red Beard puts up with all my quirkiness.

Cheers to a shiny bright 2012!

I also have Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate & Absolut Citron & Circo Amaretto ... all tasty!

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