Sunday, January 29, 2012

Research & Development

My original plan for today was a recipe for Limoncello Pound Cake.  I've been developing this recipe for a few weeks now, and I've just about got it down.  Since I needed to make one anyway to bring to a dinner at a friend's house, it just made sense to blog it.  Besides, some people have been asking for the recipe and I could just send them the link. 

However, it was a Sunday morning, and I was having fun snuggling the kitten and being dozy, and my kitchen sink was full of dishes that I'd have to clean up before I could bake (small kitchen).  So I was happily procrastinating online and doing research about Seal and Heidi Klum's separation food blogs and how the popular ones are put together. 

Turns out, it's a good thing I did.  There is a very specific method to this food  blogging madness.  Pictures - people like pictures.  And they like too much information.  I hate to over-explain, because I hate to be spoken down to.  But apparently, in food blogging, there is no such thing as over-explaining and taking way too many pictures of the food preparation process.  And I mean, a LOT of pictures.  

I wasn't planning that many pictures.  Or that many instructions.  It seems I was naive.  

So there is no blog about Limoncello cake today.  That is going to be later this week.  Or maybe never.  Mainly because it took about 3x as long to make the damn cake due to taking the damn pictures.  Oh, adding vanilla?  Take a picture.  Whisking an egg?  Take a picture.  Drinking adding the Limoncello?  Take another picture.  Then poke yourself in the eye with a bamboo skewer....

On the plus side, Red Beard was nice enough to do the dirty dishes that were originally piled in the sink while I ran to Horrible Stinky Wal-Mart for cake boards and a cake box (our Wal-Mart has an awesome cake section now, by the way).   And the cake did turn out beautifully.  It sitting on the counter right now, tucked in it's box, ready to take with us tonight.

Ready for transport!

And I managed to pull some boxes out of Granny's attic and find some new cobalt blue dishes at the Goodwill store (which my mom threatened to steal, and she's now holding my blue platter hostage).  

What I didn't do is manage to wash the dishes from cake making.  As much as I love living in a circa-1939 house, there's no dishwasher.  My kitchen was pristine for about 28 minutes, now it's back to normal. 

Yay!  More dish washing by hand!
I cleaned off the counter just enough to make lunch for Red Beard (he gets cranky hangry if I don't feed him).
Salami & Cheese, Sourdough, Lettuce-Tomato-Onion, AND Roasted Peppers & Pepperoncini.  Can you say SPOILED?!
I also watched part of Gladiator ...

... and played fetch with Wonder Kitten and his new fish toy ...

... and did NOT put any laundry in ...

... and what do you know?!  By the time I was done NOT doing any dishes or laundry or anything productive, it was time to clean up to go to dinner (because it's a good idea to shower before going to dinner at a friend's house, no one like the stinky kid in class)!  Nope, no Cake Blog today!  Procrastinating on a Sunday is fun!  

 Though it is NOT fun to try and take a shower when you haven't put the towels in the dryer. Shit.

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